Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...

Seriously anyone else sick of this rain!? After having such a nice week last week its driving me crazy being stuck in side.

We had a Beazer reunion last weekend and it was so much fun seeing all my extended family! I was to busy setting up the games for the teenagers/adults and trying to keep an eye on Macy to take any pictures my dad has some on his camera so ill have to get them from him. They had a carnival set up for the little kids and Macy just stayed at 1 game the whole time...mind you she really wasn't old enough to play any. She just liked the one with the baby pool and the ducks and splashing around in the water. I had to organize Minute To Win It for the older people and it was fun watching people do some, but good old southern alberta just had to be windy so there were lots of games we couldn't do. We had to use my 2 brothers big dodge trucks with toppers on to try and block the wind for some games. The best one had to be JUNK IN THE TRUNK!!! Hilarious to watch people, you can go onto and watch videos of it there.

Macy is 16 months old today!!! 2 more months till nursery...not that it matters to me Travis has to deal with her because I teach primary. She is getting quite the attitude lately and getting good and throwing temper tantroms. She loves playing peek-a-boo we say were is Macy and she will quickly cover her eyes with her hands and then AHHH!! so cute! Last night I was giving her a bath and her towel was down in the dryer so I yelled TRAV! Macy then stands up in the tub and goes DAAAADD!! over and over was pretty funny.

I have 2 1/2 more weeks of babysitting then i get 2 weeks off and i'm sure looking forward to it. The first week I will be spending it down in Cardston first at Quinton reunion then spending time with my grandparents who are getting back from there mission. Then heritage days..then the dunes in Rexburg. It will be different going to the dunes this year with Macy being mobile. Hopefully its nice weather and we can just play in the lake. And hopefully I will get to do some shopping and go see my cousin Vinnie....these are the 2 things that Travis has to let me do to make me go down there because its really not what I would want to do on a vacation.

Here is a couple pictures. I really need to stop being lazy and pull out my camera instead of using my phone because the quality is not the best.

ok anyone know how to help me whenever i upload a photo it doesn't show the photo just a lot of( >a onlbfasidkdh....) which im assuming is the picture but in computer language...hahah it makes it hard to comment below the picture because I don't know which is which...

she came out of her room like this the other morning as I was getting ready..

just chillin reading her books

she is into putting things on her head she normally has her sand bucket on there

she loves grilled cheese sandwhiches!

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