Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Months Old....yesterday.

So I know its been awhile since I posted it has been a crazy couple of weeks. So there are going to be lots of pictures. Warning some of them are not good focus because some are taken on my iphone and its just hard to get a good picture when shes moving so much. I had to start supplementing her with formula because she just isn't gaining weight like she should be, she is now almost 10 pounds!! She is really long for her age too 23 1/2 inches. So she might just be long and lean like her daddy!heres a picture to show how long she is. she hates being on her tummy, but is getting better.
This one is so funny. I think I surprised her from my noises trying to make her laugh.
So I am up stairs putting luandry away, and I hear Travis say "Macy what happened to your pants" this is what she looks like when I come down. I love the funny things he does with her!

Love this outfit, still to cold to wear it without the undershirt.
I can always to get her to smile now and its so fun. I got her to laugh on sunday and Trav recorded it with his phone so im not sure how to get it on here but it was so CUTE!!!
Love the way she fell asleep