Monday, November 14, 2011

Long overdue..

I have been such a slacker on this blog. I do get on it every day to read other peoples but just never do mine. So warning this will be long while I try and catch up.

So since the last post in July we went down to the sand dunes in Rexburg. Travis didn't think it made sense to drive our vehicle down when hes parents had room, so we hitched a ride with them and I only agreed because my parents were coming down half way threw the week and then I wouldn't have to be stranded with no vehicle.

The first day there we all went out to the dunes and me and Macy were just going to chill and play in the water which we did for a couple hours until someone came and told us there are leatches(spelling?). So that ruined our plans for the rest of the day so Travis drove us back to town and we let Macy have a nap then went back out and got his parents.

The next day me and Macy stayed at the hotel, we were staying at the Americainn which is over by the apple bee's and if anyone knows where that is you'll understand how crazy I am for walking all the way up to the far..but what else was were we going to do so we went all the way up there and then came back around down by the big park and let Macy play then back to the hotel for a nap...then to the pool while we waited for Travis and his parents to get back.

Wednesday morning me and Travis went out for a ride it was fun just me and him although im sure he wished I would go faster so he wouldn't have to putt along waiting for me. That night my parents showed up so Thursday was a shopping day!!

That pretty much sums up our summer vacation. I would of loved being back in Hawaii on the beach but oh well I can't always choose the vacations.

Macy turned 18 months on September 13th. I can't believe how big she is getting she is starting to not be a little baby anymore(and no that doesn't mean i need to have another baby). Some little things about her are
-she is still a really good eater..will eat anything we put in front of her\
-she is talking so much says words like momma, daddy, grandma, papa, teddy, puppy, ELMO..and some sentences she says are 'where it go' and then followed by 'there it is' uh-oh, oh no!
-she was a cow for halloween. she was sick though so we didn't take her out trick or treating but did go to a party that my friend put on so she got to wear her costume.
-she loves cow's and horse's always pointing them out and saying mooo mooo
-has 12 teeth her to eye teeth up top are coming in right know
-soon as she poops she either puts her hand to her bum and says stinky or will plug her nose and say it...maybe shes ready for potting training
-is know 20 months and still doesn't do good in nursery..but doesn't help that Travis always gets asked to stay and help because she is getting used to him being in there.
-is into playing with her babies and will give them there bottle and push them in the stroller.

Travis has started his last year of his apprenticeship program, he wasn't supposed to go til January and they phoned him October 21 which was a Friday and asked if he wanted to start Monday..he was 6th on the waiting list for this class. So he will be all done school on December 16th and have his journeymen card or what ever they call it(i know bad wife).

I am still babysitting kids I watch 2 kids in the morning till noon (sometimes full days) there is a 3 year old boy who goes to preschool mon,wed,fri mornings and a girl the same age as Macy. And then I pick up 2 twin girls that are 7 and watch them after school till 4:30 so it keeps me busy I sometimes feel like i'm always getting coats and shoes on. But the extra money is nice.

We bought a new vehicle since I was going to be watching kids and I love it so much! its so much nicer then my small car. Its a 2007 Yukon Denali. Travis really wanted a truck but I convinced him that if we got this and sold the car he can save his money and get a truck that he wants. I didn't want our only vehicle being a truck...I have already done that and hated where to put groceries!

Well I think that is about it. Ill put some pictures on for the people that are still reading this.

papa took the kids to the park and put Macy and Aden in the same swing..the loved it!

doing dishes one night and turn around and find Macy like this. She loves climbing!

she wouldn't but on the hood to her costume but wore moms cowboy hat

the picture we got done at the mall..she wasn't happy we waited awhile.

another picture of her climbing up on things.

she loves her teddy, puppy, and baby!

she wouldnt hold still for me to get a good picture but i defused her hair one day and its was SOO cute!