Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well things have been pretty crazy here. Since getting back from Alabama I feel like I haven't had time to slow down. So I will try and think of all the things we have done.

First things first Macy was 6 months old on the 13th of September and she was just about 15 pounds and I think 25.5 inches long. I had to go do the shots by myself this time because I booked so late they didn't have anything at night until the end of October, but lukily for me they changed how many shots they get at the 6 month check up so she only had to get one and she was such a brave little girl.

Travis has started his 3 year apprentiship and I thought it would be soo nice having him home earlier and what not but he can't really study with the baby here, he gets to distracted so he stays and the school. And not only that he is to lazy to take the bus over to the c-train because that means he has to get up earlier and he is not a morning person so I drive him over there every morning and pick him up..its a good thing I love him so much!! He is almost done he only has to be there for 8 weeks and he is on his 6th.

So a couple sundays ago a lady in our ward came up to me and asked for a favour....she wanted us to watch her kids...she has 7!! for 4 days while they went on a little siblings reunion with her husbands me not being a person to say no I say ya sure(she is paying us so that kinda made it seem ok...and i grew up with kids always in our house since my mom did daycare so i was kinda used to it)....and then she says also if you would want to watch just the 5 of them again for 10 days!!! and again not being able to say no i said yes!! So that is what we have been up to it has been a crazy time one we wont forget...when we were at church last week with them a couple other people noticed we had them and asked if we could go to there place long as im getting money ill do it..haha....Trav on the other hand might divorce me if I say yes again to someone...haha jks. There grandparents are here for the weekend so we get a little break but have to be back monday morning bright and early.

So that pretty much sums it up getting excited to be done on friday and then have a long weekend...and some turkey!!!

my favorite dress!!

she loves being in the tub