Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Long 2 Weeks...

So Travis has been SOO busy with work he has been doing 15 hour days so needless to say I'm exhausted! It's not easy having to take care of Macy 24 hours every day I'm needing a break from her! haha! At least it has been nice out and we have gone for lots of walks to the park and a couple times to the lake in chaparral (so glad I have friends that let me tag along) So other then just trying to keep Macy occupied not much else is new just looking forward to the long weekend and hanging out with family.

So her are some pictures of Macy and for some reason when I uploaded the pictures they did something funny and its just a bunch of letters so I can't tell where one picture starts and end to comment below them so just enjoy looking. She is a goof ball lately and has some crazy hair!

Oh ya there is a picture of our bedroom its finally starting to come together I just need to find some cute lamps to go on the night stands.


  1. She is such a cutie! I love when their personalities start to show through! I love her hair! lol

  2. Girl! you need a night off!!! As soon as travis isnt working like mad lets have a fun girls night out!!! ITS A MUST!!!
    Oh and until then... come on over for lunch sometime and we can play in the backyard!