Wednesday, July 27, 2011


we finally have a back yard...well its so small but hey better then nothing and better then the mud! Last wednesday night after Macy went to bed Travis and I started raking out the back yard and making it level to get ready for the deck to be built and sod. And of course with our luck it rained good friday afternoon and pretty much washed away our hard work, but Saturday was supposed to be around 22 degrees so we still planned to do the deck. Friday night Travis went and got the sod and gravel to put under the deck boy was that hard out there in the mud raking gravel we both were pretty tired that night.

Brady and Cortney and Mom and Dad came up to help so the boys got started on the deck and us girls had to wait a bit for the mud to dry up so we could rake again before laying the sod so we went to walmart for a couple things and then came back and made lunch then Macy went down for a nap so started the sod.

Im so glad that they came to help because it would of been a lot of work and wouldn't of got done in just one day. It turned out to be a gorgeous day.



  1. looks good Brook! Grandma thinks so too!

  2. Yaa! I bet you are glad to have it done! When's the bbq?