Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where to begin....

I really need to try and blog more then I won't have to do catch up all the time. So warning this is going to be long.

So my birthday was on the 9th of December and as you I get older there really isn't much that I want just things for the house. So we went to the mall and Travis let me choose a bedding set for our new KING bed!! Which we are both LOVING!! I haven't taken a picture of it yet because I want to decorate the room now. We also ordered some dressers, and I found a bed frame on kijiji for $20 and so Travis painted that while I was down helping my mom out because she had foot surgery. So slowly our bedroom is coming together.

As I said I went down on the 15th to help my mom out because she had foot surgery, it was a ruff couple of weeks, it seems like whenever I go down to my moms Macy cuts a tooth. So she wasn't sleeping good at all getting up around 4 or 5 and I would have to rock her back to sleep forever, my mom felt bad because she couldn't get up to help, but after a couple days she just wasn't being herself so I took her to the doctor and she had an ear infection and throat infection..poor girl! So after a couple days on antibiotics she was doing a lot better.

So since my mom was on crutches and my grandparents on our there mission in Alabama it was up to me to cook christmas dinner! SCARY!! I will not shove stuffing up a turkeys rear end!!! So my dad did it for me. I have never realized how much work goes into such a big meal, but everyone told me I did just fine..

Christmas was fun but I can't wait till next year when Macy will have a better understanding of whats going on. We all got spoiled. Travis's parents got us a video camera which I have wanted for so long. And my parents gave us some money to finish off our fireplace that we installed..."we" being me and my dad because Travis got called out to work and it was the coldest day ever!! So glad I have such an amazing dad that toughed it out!! I will have to get pictures of that too.

So Macy is now 10 1/2 months old! I can't believe how fast the time is going. I forsure thought that she was gonna be one before she started to crawl but she started about a week before she turned 10 months. One day she was doing the army crawl...and bam the next morning she was full on crawling and going everywhere!! She seems to be growing up soo fast all of a sudden...she has figured out how to stand up along everything which results in a lot of falling down especially in the tub, she is opening the cupboards and of course playing with things that aren't her cords or shoes. But we love seeing her grow! And Travis taught Macy one night how to go up the stairs and she learned so fast..she was sure made at me when I put up the gate.

We are off to VEGAS in 10 days with my brother Brady and his wife Cortney!!! So excited, its an early anniversary gift for our selves. It's weird thinking that in march we will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary...

So now since I think I have covered what we have been up to I will give you a picture overload..

her hair was finally long enough to clip a flower in without the head band!
and now long enough to do a pony!

trying to get a picture of just her an me before church.

don't know what she is thinking here...

macy crawling