Friday, May 13, 2011


I don't have any excuses of why I haven't blogged I get on mine everyday and stalk other blogs...but just put up all of our Hawaii pictures on facebook so go on over there and look...theres to many to choose to put on here. 

So since my last post we went to Vegas with Brady & Cortney and that was so much all started on our drive down to great falls, we didn't fly out till Sunday but there was a snow storm that came in Saturday so we decided the roads would be worse if we left in the morning so off we went at like 8 o'clock..well we drove 40 km almost the whole way the wind was blowing like crazy and there was horrible visabilty but we did make it there....WAHOO!!!(haha inside joke)

When we got there sunday afternoon the superbowl was on she it was so busy we went and got something to eat and then watched the end of the game at the hotel. We didn't want to spend lots of money going to see shows, and brady and trav aren't fans of musicals or things like that so we went and saw Nights and the Round Table at the Excalibur they served us a meal and we had to eat it all with our hands. And on the other days we mainly just walked and went shopping. 

So next is Macy's Birthday. We just had a little party here at our house with family and friends. She got spoiled by everyone. She LOVES ELMO and if I can figure it out ill post the link to the video on youtube at the end. She wasn't a big fan of eating the cake just played with it in her hands. 

Next..I had to let work know if I was coming back since my mat leave was up..I think they new the whole time I was gone that I wasn't coming back. So I started watching a little girl that is just 1 month older then Macy and its been going really good..since we have got back from Hawaii the little girl is only doing 1 nap a day know so I can't decide weather to take away Macy's first nap or just have them on different schedules..she is soo cranky though if she doesn't have a nap in the mornings. 

Travis had some holidays that he had to use before the end of April and it just so happened my parents had booked a condo in Hawaii for 2 weeks at the end of April so i bugged and bugged him to go...he finally agreed we could if I ate some CRAB!!! I HATE FISH OF ANY KIND!!! So I did it...I didn't eat as much as he told me I had to but i cried a little..and he gave in haha! The plane ride over was a little tuff with Macy as she has been a mommas girl lately so she would not go to Trav at all, I tried giving her some gravol, I think it worked a little. The hard part was adjusting to the time zone Hawaii is 4 hours ahead so the first day Macy was up at 4 a.m. which was not fun because we had to try and stretch out her nap times so that she would go to bed at a normal time. 
She loved being on the beaches she ate a lot of sand..and walked every where. She didn't like the grass at first on her bare feet. 
We got to go to the temple one night while my mom and dad watched her and that was really nice. 
While we were there though I got a sore throat that then turned into a cold and then a double ear infection...the plane ride was HORRIBLE!! I have never felt pain like that. We had a night flight coming home and that was so nice because Macy slept the whole time..trav and me didn't get much sleep with her being sprawled out over both of us but oh well.

So thats a quick re-cap of whats being going on with us. Travis is leaving in 2 weeks to go to the sand dunes he has been itching to go for so long. 

Sorry no pictures just go onto facebook and see then there. I promise to try harder to update this