Thursday, December 2, 2010

worst day ever

So I think yesterday was one of the worst days I have had in along time. So I will give you a play by play.

So I had some errands I wanted to do before Macy went down for her nap so I went to go start the truck. The truck is parked in the back and we don't have steps on the back door because we took them off so that the builders could paint under them and then someone(me) ran into them with travis truck and broke them...thats another story. So anyways I went to step down and it was sheer ice and I fell and hit my head.

Then once we got back and Macy was down for her nap I was loading some cardboard boxes into the back of the truck once that was down I went and moved the truck to the front of the house so that I didnt have to risk falling down with Macy when I went out later...well as I shut the door I didn't have my leg far enough back and hit my knee...I thought I had broke my knee cap it hurt soo bad!!

So a little later on after Macy had her second nap I needed to go and return a duvet cover I had bought that didn't fit. The store was down by chinook mall which is about 20 min away. So on the way back Macy was screaming bloody murder and she would start like chocking and it scared me so I stopped about 6 times and tried to calm her down each time but it didn't last long...I think her top teeth are coming through because she has been super cranky lately.

So once we finally get home I am trying to give her her food and she will not sit in her high chair so I had to feed her on my lap. So once that was done I try and put her in her exersaucer while I make some cookies for Travis and the guys hes working with this week...and she will not stop finally I get out her bumbo(which she hates) and gave her my measuring cups and she played with them the whole time I made cookies..who would of known that those would work, anyways so I keep my cookie sheets in the drawer under the stove and that drawer is so tricky if you don't pull it out just right it will come off the tracks so needless to say I didn't do that so I was trying to fight with it to get it back in and wasn't watching were I was grabbing it and sliced 3 of my fingers on the drawer.

So that was my day! But it did end good my cousin Jenna had her little boy!!!

Here is a funny video of Macy. My mom was trying to get her to laugh but all she would do was scream back at her.