Monday, June 6, 2011


I need help as to what to do with Macy at night time..she wakes up at least 4 times, we put her soother in and then she goes right back to sleep. I have tried not giving her her soother when I first put her down but she won't go to sleep she just cries and cries..I've tried putting more then 1 soother in there thinking maybe she just can't find one that didn't work she has a night lite so she should be able to see it. The good thing is she does go right back to sleep after we give it to her but its super annoying getting up and then having to fall back asleep.

So other then that not much is new she is starting to say words like yes, and dog (gog) and ruff, uh-oh, HI.
She also is getting to the stage where she wants to feed herself with a spoon but she turns the spoon as soon as it gets to her mouth and end up on her lap. So it makes feeding time a little messy.
We have been waiting patiently for the warm weather to come so that we can go for walks or to the park and mainly so that I can put her in her summer clothes I bought forever ago..I think she is going to out grow them before it turns warm enough to wear them.

And I think we are all over this cold that has been hanging around for about 3 weeks, Macy still has a little bit of a cough but not as bad..thank goodness because she has not been a happy baby..but we did get lots of cuddles in.

Sorry I dont have any pictures but you should go on over to my friends blog and just look don't enter because I want to win but she has some amazingly cute stuff!! I hope that I win a necklace and some flower clips for Macy!!


so because im not a huge blogger i dont know how to get the link thing to work so you'll just have to type it in..sorry


  1. I know I have said it before...and maybe it isn't what you want to do...but my advice is to just let her cry and figure out how to soothe herself back to sleep without the soother. When you take it away from her you will have to get her to figure it out you might as well do it now...and get some sleep! It will take a few days..but it should work...just don't go in there AT ALL...and font let Trav go in there either! :) we went through this same thing with Scoty!

  2. This is exactly what we went through with Wyatt. I had like 5 soothers in his bed and even got the ones that glow in the dark. The only solution was to take away his soother. I cut it gradually and after a few days he was done with it! In the long run it will be worth it!